Titled Incremental -1

hyper-simple, minimalist idle incremental game

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Titled Incremental -1 is a hyper-simple, minimalist idle incremental game that puts the focus on shapes. Developed by the fledgling Don't Delete Studios, this game marks their debut in the gaming world. With no story or complex mechanics, Incremental offers a pure, straightforward gaming experience. In Incremental, players start with a basic shape and slowly accumulate points by clicking or letting the game run idle. As points accrue, players can unlock additional shapes, each offering its own unique set of bonuses to increase point generation. The more shapes unlocked, the faster points accumulate, encouraging players to keep progressing. The game's minimalist design emphasizes clean visuals and intuitive gameplay. Players won't find any unnecessary clutter or distractions here. It's all about the simple joy of watching shapes grow and points accumulate. Incremental is perfect for those looking for a casual gaming experience to pass the time. Whether you're actively clicking to unlock shapes or simply letting the game run in the background, Incremental offers a relaxing way to unwind and enjoy the satisfaction of incremental progress. As Don't Delete Studios' first release, Incremental is available for free on itch.io. Players also have the option to support the studio through donations if they appreciate the game and want to see more from this promising newcomer in the indie game scene. So why not give it a try and see how many shapes you can unlock in Incremental?

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